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Admissions Open


  • Maintain a minimum of 90% attendance
  • Produce a Doctor certificate for absence due to sickness for more than 3 days
  • Absence of a student on an examination day will be considered as leave and they will not be able to re-write the examination.

Speech/Spoken Skills

  • Be polite, Courteous and respectful while communicating with the teachers, friends and visitors
  • Abusive language, bullying and harassment are banned.

Request to Parents

  • Avoid sending Cash with the children.
  • Payment should be done in the office directly.


KG-I/KGII Boys:  Full Pant, Full Shirt, Sleeveless Blazer, Tie, Belt, Black shoe, Socks 
 Girls:  Half Skirt, Full Shirt, Sleeveless Blazer, Tie, Belt, Black Buckle
 I-X Boys:  Full Pant, Full Shirt, Blazer, Tie, Belt, Black shoe, Socks
 Girls :  Full Pant (I-X), Full Shirt, Blazer, Tie, Belt, Black Buckle shoe, Socks, White Ribbon
Sports uniform, White shoe, Socks, White Ribbon for Girls.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: (Regular Uniform)
KG-I/KG-II Boys:  Half Pant, Half Shirt, Tie, Belt, Black shoe, Sock  
 Girls : Half Skirt, Half Shirt, Tie, Belt, Black Buckle shoe, Sock
 V-X Boys/Girls :  Full Pant, Half Shirt, Sleeveless Waistcoat, Tie, Belt, Black Shoe, Socks, Navy Blue Ribbon for Girls
 I-IV Boys/Girls :  Half Pant For Boys, Half Skirt For Girls, Half Shirt, Tie, Belt, Black Shoe, Socks, Navy Blue Ribbon for Girls


  • Ensure that the uniform worn is as intimated.
  • Wear a fresh pair of socks every day.
  • Avoid wearing expensive ornaments. School will not be responsible for any loss of the same.
  • Boys should have short haircuts.
  • Nails must be cut short and kept clean.
  • Maintain silence while walking in the corridors, moving up and down the stairs, inside the library, during the assembly and when special functions are held.
  • Students should take care of their belongings.
  • Students are banned from bringing cellular phones or any other costly electronic things.
  • Be punctual in attending assemblies, reaching classes, Completion and submission of CW & HW.
  • Indulging in forgery/theft/cheating/copying is not allowed
  • Damaging the school/class/peer property is not allowed.

School Diary

  • Make effective use of school diary.
  • Bring the school diary everyday

School Bag/Homework

  • Carry light weight bags
  • Carry books and notebooks according to time table only.
  • Note down the homework properly, complete and submit on time.

Health and Hygiene

  • Use the toilets and wash areas with care
  • Wash hands before and after eating, after using toilets and after playing
  • Use spoon while eating food and napkin to clean hands after wash
  • Do not bring junk food or snacks to school
  • Do not attend school when affected by contagious diseases
  • Under go first aid in the school when injured during playing a game or due to unexpected events